My practice draws on a wide variety of traditions and methods; it is participatory, collaborative and theatrical. I collaborate with artists, curators and diverse communities to develop often site-specific or site responsive interventions and artworks. These include interactive installations, live events, games, audio visual works, playful walks and artists’ books amongst others. I often use play as a productively provocative space in which the participant is challenged to confront their accepted understandings. Using optics, scale and perspective in specific processes and settings, participants respond to contemporary dilemmas of identity both as actors with free will and actors in an historical context.


My work has been exhibited internationally and is held in private and public collections.


In 2018 I completed a practice led research at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, where my PhD thesis titled Art of Play in Zones of Conflict- the Case of Israel Palestine explored playful and interactive artworks in the context of interminable conflict and ongoing political change. My thesis is available online at the British Library's archive and UAL research. 


Since 2012 I have also worked collaboratively with artist Helen Stratford. In 2015 we formed Play Anywhere Now or Never project. 


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