• Idit Nathan

Autumn in the archive

Updated: Feb 11

I began my research at Homerton College during the Autumn. As days shortened and light faded, I devised a 'random search' method, which Svetlana Paterson, the college archivist, luckily played along with. Rather than define in advance what it is I was looking for, I entered some key words into the database. These included the words inspired by the New School film such as Future, Peace and Play, my pet subject. I also looked at many of the items dating from 1944 as well memoirs of Homerton Alumni from the war years. Occasionally Svetlana has pointed me in the direction of recent finds too. Now I have hundreds of photos and thousands of notes, which I will gradually process alongside the postcard messages. Eventually - sometime in Spring (or maybe early Summer) - I will produce an artwork that will join the College's collection. The Tightrope Walking adventure is underway....

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